Configurable Led Linear Light 20W, 50x83mm

Configurable Led Linear Light 105083C, 20W, 50x83mm, Suspended/Surface-mounted, Model No.: 105083C, is an efficient linear lighting product providing versatile & state-of-the-art solutions for commercial & retail sectors. It features glare-free smooth and soft lights over a continuous run of line or shapes.  The light length is flexible with different aluminium profiles, from 806mm to 3006mm per piece. Moreover,  with corner junctions, cross junctions and T junctions, it’s possible to configure different shapes of light fixtures, which offers great flexibility & infinite possibilites in light planning.  (Note: Customized lengths need be made in factory prior to shipping.)

This configurable led linear light, adopting modular LED PCBA & built-in MEANWELL Led driver, maintains less than 10% light attenuation after 50,000 working hours. With coordinated mounting accessories, this configurable linear light can be either suspended on the ceiling, or surface-mounted, no matter it’s a ceiling or a wall. Adopting latest Led technology, it’s eco-friendly and energy-saving comparing traditional incandescent lights or fluorescent lights.

Besides this we still offer other sizes & kinds of Led Linear lights, please feel free to consult our sales if you have any specific demand.

Product Features

  • Homogeneous and glare-free lights over the whole run of the lines or shapes
  • Adjustable light lengths from 806 to 3006mm per single piece (with steps of 25mm), fit for individual project demands
  • Configurable into different shapes by means of corners & junctions, which allows for more options in light planning
  • Less than 10% light attenuation after 50,000 working hours thanks to high-quality LEDs on the PCBA and built-in MEANWELL driver
  • Excellent heat sink performance with high-quality extruded aluminium profile
  • Suspended/Wall-mounted/Ceiling-mounted optional with coordinated mounting accessories
  • Eco-friendly without toxic materials, energy saving


  • Model No.:                    105083C
  • Product:                         Configurable or connectable Led Linear light 50x83mm, Suspended/Surface-mounted
  • Dimension:                   1006*50*83mm (Note: Other lengths are available at requests.)
  • Power:                           20W
  • Input Voltage:              100-240V AC
  • Luminous flux:               2500lm
  • Luminous efficacy:          125lm/W
  • Beam Angle:                  90°
  • CRI:                                 Ra>80
  • UGR:                               <19
  • SDCM:                            6 steps
  • CCT:                                3000K/4000K/6000K
  • IP grade:                         IP20
  • Light source:                   SMD2835 LEDs
  • LED quantity:                   300LEDs
  • Housing color:                  White/Black
  • Mounting:                        Suspended/Ceiling mounted/Wall mounted
  • Dimmability:                   0-10V dimmable version & DALI dimmable version optional
  • Lifespan:                         50,000 hours
  • Working temperature:      -25℃ ~ 55℃
  • Warranty:                       3 years

Product Drawing

Drawing of configurable or connectable led linear light 105083


  1.  Lengths of this configurable or connectable Led Linear Light can be changed per different lengths of aluminium profiles, by steps of 25mm, up to 3006m per single piece, which is very good choice for big open plan places.
  2. Below are the dimensions & drawings of available corners & junctions, with which different shapes can be configured.


Illuminance Distribution

Model no.: 105083C, Configurable or connectable Led Linear light, 50x83mm, 20W/1006mm, has 90° beam angle, and in maximum 212.91lux at 2m distance, or max. 94.61lux at 3m distance.


Luminous intensity distribution of configurable or connectable linear light_105083c_20wIllumination distribution of configurable or connectable linear light_105083c_20w


The installation of Model no.: 105083C, Configurable or connectable Led Linear light, 50x83mm, 20W/1006mm, can be Suspended, Ceiling-mounted, or Wall-mounted, with proper mounting accessories.

Led linear lights can be suspended, or Ceiling-mounted, or Wall-mounted.Suspended_accessories_for_ledlinearlights surface-mounted_accessories_of_ledlinearlights