Led Linear Trunking System

Linear trunking rail, is one of the basic parts of Led Linear Trunking system. It acts not only as a housing of power system, but also a supporting bracket of Led modular kits and a connecting bridge between power system & Led modular kits. 

With built-in feed-in and feed-out WAGO connectors, it can be joined with each other to get a continuous run of linear trunking system. Equipped with or without Led modular kits, it is totally flexible to position the luminaires at any place of the line, which make it possible to adapt to complex lighting tasks in different applications. What’s more,  it’s very easy to do the changes on the line in case of structural alternations thanks to its clap-on system.

There are kinds of versions to fit for 0-10V dimming system, and DALI dimming system, to meet with demands of dimming control. Moreover, emergency function is achievable with cooperating modular kits. Please consult your sales representative to get the right version before placing the order. 

Product Features

  • Built-in feed-in and feed-out WAGO connectors, easy to connect with each other in seconds.
  • Can work independently as a rail without led modular kit, or as a luminaire with cooperating led modular kit
  • 0-10V dimmable, DALI dimmable and emergency function available at requests, great adaptability to complex lighting tasks
  • Max. current of 16A with 2.5mm2 built-in cables, allowing up to 45 pieces of 1450mm long 62.5W/8450lm led modular kits on one line
  • Quick connection to covers or led modular kits  thanks to well-designed clap-on system


Trunking Rail Model No.LengthDescription
TR06N05WHL580mm5 Wires (basic), White
TR06D07WHL580mm7 Wires (basic / Dimmable/Emergency),White
TR06DE9WHL580mm9 Wires (basic / Dimmable+Emergency), White
TR12N05WHL1160mm5 Wires (basic), White
TR12D07WHL1160mm7 Wires (basic / Dimmable/Emergency),White
TR12DE9WHL1160mm9 Wires (basic / Dimmable+Emergency), White
TR15N05WHL1450mm5 Wires (basic), White
TR15DE09WHL1450mm7 Wires (basic / Dimmable/Emergency),White
TR15DE11WHL1450mm9 Wires (basic / Dimmable+Emergency), White


Note: Trunking rails are NOT sold solely.

Optical Lens

Euipped with various Led modular kits with different optical lenses, diversified beam angles & lighting effects can be achieved even on one line of Led linear trunking rails, from 30° spot lighting to 90° flood lighting, as well as asymmetric lighting effects.

Different optical lenses offer diversified beam angles & lighting effects for Led Linear Trunking lights.


Led linear trunking rails can be suspended with steel cable, or surface-mounted with proper accessories.

Suspension steel cable for Led Linear Trunking system Suspended led linear trunking light

Led linear trunking rails are extendable or connectable with each other, thanks to supporting node connectors.

Node connectors to extend Led Linear Trunking system