Recessed or Flush-mounted Led Linear Light 24W with trim, 35x35mm

Recessed or Flush-mounted Led Linear Light 24W with trim, 49x35mm, Model No.: 103535T, is an state-of-the-art recessed lighting solution for commercial & residential sectors. It features homogeneous & no-glare lights in a continuous row with flexible lengths, per different aluminium profiles,  from 843.4mm to 3196.6mm every single piece, which gives great flexibility & versatility in light planning (Note: Customized lengths need be made in factory prior to shipping). With trim on the front surface, it can be easily recessed into a surface, like a ceiling or a wall, or on top of a table or furniture, which makes it flushed with the surrounding surface.

This recessed or flush-mounted led linear light, or rigid aluminium strip light,  has 110° wide beam angle and a luminous flux of 1500lm for 1010mm length. It can be installed onto the ceiling as general lighting in open plan spaces, such as shops, offices, meeting rooms, hallways…etc, or flushed-mounted onto the wall as decorative lighting at corridors, staircases.

Equipped with high-quality Leds & external driver, this recessed linear light maintains less than 10% light attenuation after 50,000 working hours.  Adopting latest Led technology, it’s eco-friendly and energy-saving comparing traditional incandescent lights or fluorescent lights.

Besides this type of recessed or flush-mounted led linear light, we still offer other sizes & kinds of Led Linear lights, please feel free to consult our sales if you have any specific demand.

Product Features

  • Low UGR & homogeneous lights over the whole continuous-run of linear lights
  • Adjustable light lengths from 843.4mm to 3196.6mm every single piece, catering for individual demands in diversified projects
  • Flushed-mounted trim design makes it possible to be recessed into the ceiling or the wall
  • High quality and long lifespan, with less than 10% light attenuation after 50,000 working hours
  • Green lighting product with low energy consumption and without toxic materials


  • Model No.:                    103535T
  • Product:                         Recessed/Flush-mounted Led Linear light 49x35mm
  • Dimension:                   1010*49*35mm (Note: Other lengths are available at requests.)
  • Power:                           24W
  • Input Voltage:              100-240V AC
  • Luminous flux:                1530lm
  • Luminous efficacy:          66lm/W
  • Beam Angle:                  110°
  • CRI:                                 Ra>80
  • UGR:                               <19
  • SDCM:                            5 steps
  • CCT:                                4000K
  • IP grade:                         IP20
  • Light source:                    SMD2835
  • LED quantity:                   252LEDs
  • Housing color:                  White/Black
  • Mounting:                        Recessed or Flush-mounted (onto the Wall or Ceiling)
  • Dimmability:                    Non-dimmable
  • Lifespan:                         50,000 hours
  • Working temperature:      -25℃ ~ 55℃
  • Warranty:                       3 years

Product Drawing

Drawing of 103535T, flush-mounted Led Linear Light with trim, 24W, 49x35mm

Notes:  Lengths of this recessed/flush-mounted Led Linear Lights 103535T can be changed or adjusted with different lengths of aluminium profiles, up to 3196.6mm per single piece in max, which gives great flexibility in light planning.

Illuminance Distribution

Model no.: 103535T, Recessed/flush-mounted Led Linear light 49x35mm, 24W/1010mm, has 110° beam angle, and 58lux at 3m distance, or 21lux at 5m distance.

Photometric Diagram of Recessed or flush-mounted Led Linear Light 103535T


Model no.: 103535T, Led Linear light 49x35mm with trim, 24W/1010mm, can be recessed or flush-mounted onto the ceiling or wall, or on top of a furniture surface, with coordinating mounting accessories.

Recessed installation of Led Linear Light 103535T with trim, 24w,49x35mm



Flush-mounted accessories of Led Linear light 103535T/24W