Led Linear Trunking System

Led Linear trunking Light, or Led continuous light line trunking system, is an innovative led lighting solution for industrial workshops, warehouses, and commercial areas. The product idea originated from traditional fluorescent trunking light fixtures with T5/T8 light sources, and evolved with the different lighting expectations in diverfiied application sectors. It works as a combination of trunking rails (trunking system) and led modular kits, and can be served as an individual light, or as a seamless long-run led luminaire, or a combination of led luminaires and truck rails, which delivers great flexiblity to light planning.

This Led Linear trunking system, or led light line trunking system, delivers about 130lm/w luminous efficiency, saving a lot in power cost comparing with conventional T5/T8 lights.  Moreover, it’s very easy to install, and maintenance free, which means additional savings on installation & maintenance costs. All these makes its rapid payback period.

Thanks to different versions of led lighting modules & optical lens, this led linear trunking light can fulfill a wide spectrum of lighting applications, from 2,000 lumens to 10,000+ lumens, from very narrow angle (spot lighting) to wide angle (flood lighting), or with asymmetric/double-asymmetric effect.

Dimmable version, 0-10V or DALI,  and emergency version are optional for this Led linear trunking light. Moreover, with supporting tracking heads, this linear trunking system can be installed onto regualr tracks.  Combining tracking lights, this linear system delivers great practicability in applications where directional spot lighting or accent lighting is wanted.

This led linear trunking light is a state-of-art general lighting solution for warehouses, workshops, supermarkets,  malls or brand shops, exhibition halls, art galleries…etc.

Product Features

  • Extendable light trunking system with lighting modules and track rails, which allows easy and free configuration in light planning
  • A series of led lighting modules & optical lenses in different powers & beam angles optional, which make it possible to fulfill diversified lighting tasks with just one light
  • Compatible with regular tracks thanks to supporting track heads, which delivers extra advantage & flexibility in light planning
  • Energy saving with about 130lm/W luminous efficiency, low operating costs thus rapid pay-back
  • Quick connection thanks to well-designed product structure and built-in cables & WAGO connectors
  • 0-10V dimmable, Dali Dimmable, and emergency function optional
  • Long lifespan & maintenance free


Luminaire Model No.LengthPowerBeam anglelumenCCTCRIIP RatingLifespanWarranty
200616N0xL580mm16W30°/60°/90°/20° Asymmetric/20° Double Asymmetric2080lm3000K/4000K/5000K/6000KRa>80IP2050,000 hours3 years
201232N0xL1160mm32W30°/60°/90°/20° Asymmetric/20° Double Asymmetric4680lm3000K/4000K/5000K/6000KRa>80IP2050,000 hours3 years
201540N0xL1450mm40W30°/60°/90°/20° Asymmetric/20° Double Asymmetric4680lm3000K/4000K/5000K/6000KRa>80IP2050,000 hours3 years

Optical Lens

With different optical lenses, diversified beam angles & lighting effects can be achieved even on one line of Led linear trunking lights, from 30° spot lighting to 90° flood lighting, as well as asymmetric lighting effects.

Different optical lenses offer diversified beam angles & lighting effects for Led Linear Trunking lights.

Illuminance Distribution

Below luminous intensity distribution diagram shows the lighting effects of Led linear trunking lights with different optical lenses.

Luminous intensity diagram of led linear trunking light


Led linear trunking system can be suspended with steel cable, or surface-mounted with proper accessories.

Suspension steel cable for Led Linear Trunking system    Suspended led linear trunking light

Led linear trunking lights are extendable or connectable with each other, thanks to supporting node connectors.

Node connectors to extend Led Linear Trunking system