New linear Led art lighting for big-sized paintings

Shenzhen Linear Technology Co., Ltd (website:, has proposed a new linear Led art lighting for big-sized paintings & pictures. 

Fine lighting is an essential element of displaying an art. Choosing a right art lighting is vitally important for musuems and galleries, as well as commercial applications.

Vital importance of a fine art lighting for your arts

Imagine what it could be with an improper art lighting?

  1. Untargeted lighting could not highlight the art, thus is not able to showcase the value of your arts truly.
  2. Instead of bringing additional values, some lighting may bring unwanted light ring or dark spots on the arts, which finally leads to too much distractions and bad customer experiences.
  3. Wrong light sources, like incandescent lamps, may even do harm to certain patterns of art, like oil-based paintings, as the heat which it emitted may weaken canvas fibers, increase fading of pigments, thus lead to irreversible damage to the arts.
Linear Led Art Lighting for pictures & paintings

Available art lightings on the market, their application and limitation

There are several different types of art lighting available on the market. Each of them has its own strength and weakness.

  • Armed picture lights (Frame-mounted or Wall-mounted):  This type of art lighting is good to use on individual pieces of framed paintings, small-to-medium size, which has one or  multiple focuses. For its limitation of illumination range, it’s not a good choice for big sized paintings or pictures.
  • Recessed lights:  Good for small-to-medium sized paintings or pictures, which has one focus only.  This type of art lighting is usually fixed and mounted on the ceiling, thus it has small compatibility when displaying different arts.
  • Track lights: Installed on the tracks and with adjustable & movable lamp heads, it has a single illumination range in round or square shape. This art lighting is great for almost all kind of arts, except big-sized wall paintings or pictures which usually has multiple focuses.

New linear Led art lighting for big-sized paintings or pictures

Shenzhen Linear Technology Co., Ltd (website:, has proposed a new linear Led art lighting for big-sized paintings & pictures, which is asymmetric Led Linear Light, Model No.: 104067P.

Adopting advanced prismatic optical lens, this asymmetric Led Linear art lighting delivers a wall-washing effect over the whole length. With its flexible lengths up to 3090mm per piece, it’s able to give an unstopped and seamless line of lights on the targeted arts. This is a great advantage to dispaly big-sized two-dimensional arts, like big wall paintings/pictures, or big hanging paintings, which usually has multiple focuses. With this advantage, this Led linear art lighting becomes a great supplement to existing art lighting bases.

Apart from above, this asymmetric-effect Led Linear at light can be pre-assembled with track heads, which make it possible to install directly onto regular tracks. This eliminates additional investments on mounting frames in applications where tracks are already installed.

Besides, this Led linear art lighting can be wall-mounted vertically, thus it allows possibility of a totally different visual effect towards targeted arts.

Not limited to use in musuems and galleries, this new type of Led Linear art lighting can also be used in commercial applications to showcase articles, commodities, or big-sized posters.